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Stained Glass Photography

East Window St James' Church, Staveley, Cumbria

Detail of the East Window, St James Church, Staveley, CumbriaThere are 4 churches in Cumbria (+1 Priory) featuring stained glass designed by, or manufactured by William Morris.

They are:

St Martin's Church, Brampton
Ponsonby Church
Jesus' Church, Troutbeck
St James' Church, Staveley
Lanercost Priory

Perhaps most famous is the east window of St James Church in Staveley seen below which was designed and and manufactured by Morris.
This window is tricky to photograph, since it contains a mixture of some quite dark glass, but also some quite large areas of almost clear glass.

The combined image, and the 3 individual panels are available for rights managed use from the Alamy Image Library:

Click here for the full image of the 3 panels (63 megapixels)
Click here for the left panel.
Click here for the centre panel
Click here for the right panel.

Below the image is a fully zoomable version of the image. (Requires Flash)

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East Window, St James' Church, Staveley, manufactured by William Morris

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East Window, Jesus Church, Troutbeck, Cumbria

(Photographed courtesy of the Churchwardens & people of the parish of Troutbeck - Visit the Troutbeck Village Associaton website).

This is the fantastic East window of Jesus Church, Troutbeck, in Cumbria.
It was designed mostly by Sir Edward Burne-Jones working for William Morris, in 1873.
(Morris and Ford Maddox Brown also had some input on the design).

This photograph was produced from 16 images stitched together for a file size of around 28 megapixels.

If you are interested in rights managed use of this image, it is available from the Alamy image library.
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See below for a fully zoomable version of the image. (Requires Flash)

The East Window of Jesus' Church, Staveley, manufactured by William Morris.

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